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A forum for piercing non-industry professionals to ask technique, jewelry, aftercare, and more to a Professional Piercer Body Piercing Forums: New to Piercing. This section is for all of you who are thinking of having piercing. Ask advice, and let forum members help you make up your mind. Topics: 3,669 Posts: 54,694 Last Post: Please don't get your hopes raised up now the body piercers are opening. 3,669: 54,694: Please don't get your hopes raised up now the body.

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This forum is open to everyone and it's a great place to meet people from around the world with a similar interest in body piercing and getting pierced! Feel free to talk about whatever you like, but try to keep the topic SOMEWHAT related to body piercing! This is a community of friends so keep the conversation civil- harrassment, hatespeech and the like will not be tolerated from anyone Discuss upcoming conventions and body piercing meet-ups around the world. Some off-topic forums for discussing other body modifications. For piercer, tattoo/piercing studio owners only. A place to discuss practices, equipment, jewellery and more. Post here if you're a merchant and want to share your sales and specials Body Piercing Hub is the ultimate source for all information about body piercings! Get inspired, read our piercing guides, join our community, browse and share photos, and so much more

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Additional Forums ⓘ. Last Sparrow Tattoo Forum is the most respected Tattoo Forum by artists and collectors.Our mission is to preserve the craft of GOOD tattooing. Check out the Gallery, Tattoo Artist Video interviews and more fun stuff Navel Piercing Forum. Navel Piercing Forum - Help, Questions & Answers. > Body & Facial Piercing Aftercare Guidelines < 4: 5: microdermal piercing by amelia350 Jan 29, 2012 18:04:16 GMT -5: Tongue & Mouth Piercing Forum. Mouth Piercing, Tongue Piercing, Web, Gum Frenum, etc Forum >Oral Piercing Aftercare < 4: 12: hey guys! by katya Mar 25, 2007. A lorum piercing is a primarily aesthetic body adornment, placed through the skin on the underside of the male genitalia where the penis and scrotum meet. While it can be combined with piercings along the underside of the penis shaft or..

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Piercings are discouraged because of its cultural symbolism in certain cultures. It has even become a thing in the US to wear African type earlobe gauging. This ear stretching process makes the piercing permanently visible - a thing that has symbolism in African cultures - the larger the gauge of the hole, the higher your status PIERCED FORUM - body piercings, tattoo, body modification Amateur body piercing, modification and tattoo forum. Post your pictures and experiences. Piercing Luder. 152 posts Page 5 of 11. Jump to page I think piercings are cool. I did my own fremum piercing back in the mid 70s. I already had a self pierced nipple. Back then any piercing other than in an earlobe was very extremely unusual. I soon found out that a few (not many) people were intrigued or even turned on by the idea, but the rest were horrified

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  1. Get the Look. Trends in the body jewellery world are constantly changing, you can keep up-to-date with the latest looks through our Forum. Of late we have seen an upturn in interest in belly-button piercings with Billy Eilish rocking her new piercing on Instagram along with a number of other celebrities who love to celebrate their navels including Beyonce and the Kardashians
  2. The Prince Albert piercing one of the most common penis piercings. It's done by inserting a barbell or other jewelry through the hole where pee comes (urethra), and out of the underside behind the.
  3. Most Confusing Piercings Ever! Piercings Gone Wrong is back! Ever seen toe or foot piercings? Piercings through the chin? Stretching belly button piercings?.
  4. With this online Piercing Consent Form, you can collect signed consent forms online! Just customize the terms and conditions to match your services, have patients fill it out in person or at home on any device, and watch as contact information, e-signatures, and disclosure about COVID-19 symptoms are sent straight to your secure JotForm account
  5. The piercing sits in between both sides of the tongue muscle in a layer called the medial lateral, and they generally heal up in about 8-12 weeks, but need to be downsized with a shorter barbell.
  6. d that depending on the shape of your ear, you can either get an inner or outer conch piercing

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Piercings Forum. Topics. 0 . Tongue piercing barbell too long? Forums: Tongue, Piercings. Question by Minimee Posted 05/28/16 10:18 AM. Replies: 1 Views: 909 . Last Post by neologist on 05/28/16 11:44 AM . 0 . Lip Piercing, is there away to prevent gum damage Ear Piercing, Helix, Rim, Tragus, Conch, Rook, Industrial, Orbital, Lobe, Daith, Anti-Tragus, Cartilage, Snug, etc, Piercing Forum > Body & Facial Piercing Aftercare.

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1. It didn't cause any damage. 2. The surface piercings on each of my outer labias was a bitch to heal. Mainly because it would always rub against my thighs, and in general surface piercings are a lot to handle in terms of healing. Also, getting those piercings hurt so badly Just wondering about men with piercings in your area. I know a lot of guys here hate piercings of any sort ( so don't bother posting) but for those of you that have them what's common where you are. In my gym 95% of the guys are pierced, mostly earrings or tunnels, and quite a few of us (me included) have pierced nipples

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Forums > Community > Help with Life. sealedfate Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2005. I've never had a bleeding problem with any of my other facial/body piercings, so I'm unsure if this is normal for such a piercing. Granted, I never had a cartilage pierced like this before (atleast the mall cartilage piercing doesn't count--and I regret getting. r/ piercing. Join. Hot. Hot New Top Rising. Hot New Top. Rising. card. card classic compact. 910. Posted by 16 hours ago. mouth. philtrim and nostril! both fully healed. 910. 24 comments. share. save. 349. Posted by 17 hours ago. nose. i got a new septum ring and i'm in love . A blog about piercing geared towards body piercers. Jef Saunders of Gamma Piercing in Ann Arbor, MI discusses health & safety, jewelry, & technique. Powered by Blogger. Gamma Piercing's Aftercare Sheet. Tuesday, June 27, 2017. When my wife Laura and I started brainstorming our new shop, we decided we wanted a really different kind of aftercare. This is like a ring kind of like a capital C with a ball at each end. Mine was pierced at 10guage. The girlfriend had her hood pierced at 12 guage with a normal captive bead ring. 10guage is thicker than 12 guage. Here's an illustration to give non-pierced goons an idea of what these rings look like Forums Chill Out Zone Lifestyle Tattoo, Piercings and Body Art Ladies opinions on male genital piercings Discussion in ' Tattoo, Piercings and Body Art ' started by Highbinder , Aug 24, 2011

Packaged sterile saline is a gentle choice for piercing aftercare. Mixing your own sea salt solution is no longer a suggested practice from the APP. We strongly encourage you to use a sterile saline labeled for use as a wound wash. Contact lens saline, eye drops, and other saline products should never be used on a body piercing In light of me receiving my first piercing this week, I thought I'd commemorate the occasion with a thread about piercings. I got the top (cartilage) of my left ear done, but I'm planning to get more. Next, I want one of those bars that goes across the top, through two holes (see here..

Prince Albert. All piercings include the proper starter jewelry, healing instruction kit and 24/7 Hot Line piercing support. We Own Your Piercing Until Properly Healed Similar Threads - Tragus Piercing When I Push My Tragus Into My Ear Canal, I Can Reduce My Tinnitus Jebbis , Jun 6, 2021 , in forum: Suppor Browse and participate in the Spiked horseshoe as PA ring discussion forums at Body Piercing Hub. Become a member today to join in the fun. Body Piercing Hub is the ultimate source for all information about body piercings! Get inspired, read our piercing guides, join our community, browse and share photos, and so much more!. includes a piercing of the tissue between the vagina and anus (I. mean from the vagina INTO the anus) - clearly a bad idea. Fantasy. aside, I think it's possible to pierce the main body of the breast. for a short time - say a few hours. You'd want to observe very. strict sanitary procedures, of course. Fakir does a lot of that A conch piercing is located in the center part of the ear—aka the area with the most room—and because of its placement, it's one of the most customizable ear piercings you can get. When asking for this type of piercing, bear in mind that depending on the shape of your ear, you can either get an inner or outer conch piercing

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Hi. I have gynecomastia and puffy niple, but since the surgery cost is to expensive its impossible to me, so I use a compression but thats make my body look weird, everybody notice if my body is like robot, then I stop using the compression, and think about piercing. Piercing in the middle aerola can make your nipple hard permanent and scars TransGender Pulse is a community site for transgender, transsexual, crossdresser, intersex, genderqueer, genderfluid, androgynous, and other gender variant people and their friends and families. Live chat, including our suicide prevention effort, is available

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Mannish female with piercing and decor at her face posing with eyes closed. Cropped view of the bald mannish female with piercing and decor at her face posing. Crop of nuscular female body in studio. Crop of incognito sexy girl with perfect muscular body standing. close up of strong fitnesswoman in black sportswea A piercing bump is a buildup of tissue surrounding the area of your piercing. Sometimes, this indicates friction that is irritating your piercing and will resolve on its own. In more serious cases, the bump appears as a result of an infection. Most of the time, these bumps are not serious and can be taken care of with over the counter solutions. Ask them if they or any of their staff specialize in certain piercings. Even feel free to ask if they know if anyone in the area is known for this particular piercing, or do some reading online (I can't remember if BMEzine, for example, has forums or shop directories) to see if certain shops are recommended Ear Piercing is FREE with the purchase of a starter kit. Starter kits are priced from $30 and include the piercing earrings and standard After Care Solution. Ear cartilage piercing is subject to an additional charge

Piercing the septum in the west also has different connotations than it does/did in the east, according to Dr. Manny Alvarez. In other cultures, nose piercings sometimes have cultural significance or are considered medicinal, he penned in an article in Fox News. But in the US they're strictly ornamental for most people Piercing/Slashing, Light, 1d2+1 When using this weapon to Parry you have Advantage. From this thread I'm leaning more towards making it piercing damage. As for setting think of it as Redwall but for adults... and there is actual magic there are several piercing after care sprays and washes available. I would suggest a simple saline wash to clean them with a few times a day. anywhere that will sell a wound wash solution should have something suitable to use. maybe even get something with mild pain reliever in it (ask your pediatrician first of it's okay, obviously) in case the piercings bother her K-80 firing pins consist of two pieces. There are three different lengths of the rear piece, which change how far the firing pin can protrude into the breach. Older K-80's all came with the long version, current production comes with the middle length. Rarely is the extra short version needed. It's an easy fix, but does require some disassembly.

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July 30, 2021 6:58 pm. (@purplestargirl) Prominent Member. Joined: 5 years ago. Quick update: I got my piercings today. The first one kinda hurt but it mostly just stung. The second one wasn't so bad because I already got the first one and knew what to expect. My roommate held my hand during the entire process, which was nice of her I was wondering about the astrology of people who sport tattoos and piercings. Does that have to do with your ASC or your Venus sign? I have my ASC in Scorpio and Venus in Aquarius and I have one tattoo and want more, four piercings and most likely will be getting two more this coming Friday If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ & read the forum rules.To view all forums, post or create a new thread, you must be an AAPC Member.If you are a member and have already registered for member area and forum access, you can log in by clicking here.If you've forgotten your username or password use our password reminder tool.To start viewing messages, select the forum that.

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Piercing Shot, as well as spell damage for example, references the deal damage trigger. So Piercing Shot will deal 6 damage to a minion and compare that with the minion's health total to determine the excess damage that is then dealt to the enemy hero Piercing — The Sims Forums. May 28 - It's time for our Friday Highlights! You can check them out here! Sul sul Simmers! Join us for the #DreamHomeDecorator Livestream HERE today, May 25, @11 AM PT / 6 PM UTC! . May 27: Today is patch day! To read the patch notes, click here Does daith piercing for migraines actually work, or is it a myth? We explain where daith piercings as a migraine treatment originated, the difference between it and acupuncture, and more

Come visit your nearby Claire's location at C.C. Aveiro Forum loja 2.2B Aveiro PT-01 3810-064. Claire's is a full jewellery & toy store along offering kids birthday party venues 1 / 2. Dr. Steve Smedshammer describes his wife Christine as amazing and supportive as he navigated a career journey that took him from doing piercings at a tattoo parlor in Fargo to working as.

A septum piercing is pretty uncommon and it doesn't surprise me that some people think that because you got that piercing, you must have a certain attitude about you. An attitude they may not like. This isn't neccesarilly true (it probably isn't) but that IS the image you give yourself clit piercing. By sexyhexy69, February 24 in The Sims 4 Technical Support 6. Franklin A. Gevurtz, Piercing Piercing: An Attempt to Lift the Veil of Confusion Surrounding the Doctrine of Piercing the Corporate Veil, 76 OR. L. REv. 853, 905 (1997). 7. Casdeberry v. Branscum, 721 S.W.2d 270, 273 (Tex. 1986) (holding that for piercing on the basis of fraud, a showing of constructive fraud is sufficient). 8 4,964 Posts. Discussion Starter • #8 • Jan 19, 2013. In the United States, armor piercing handgun ammunition is illegal for civilians [18 U.S.C. Section 922 (a) (7)]. However, what constitutes an armor piercing bullet (as defined by Federal law and the ATF) is often not what you might think

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12,843 Posts. #8 · 1 mo ago. The only one of mine that closed (mostly) was my belly button ring. OB/Gyn would not consent to care after the third month or deliver with piercings of any sort in. I took it out under protest. I was surprised that it closed. Got it at 16 and removed for that pregnancy in my 40s Reactions. 2,358. Posts. 5,499. Jun 15th 2021. #1. Hello my fellow piercing detectives, after the unanswered case of jk's fake or not fake piercing, we have a new more delusional case: tongue piercing

YW. Also, the original question was Piercing Ice or Arctic Winds. 3 points or 5 points for 5% chance to not be hit. People forget about hit rating for PvP so it may indeed be a good idea. I never used it nor liked the idea I'll the two cards I'm talking about are Mo'arg Artificer: all minions take double damage from spells, and piercing shot: deal 6 damage to a minion, excess damage hits the enemy hero. I was playing a demon hunter who was running the OTK deck that has this Mo'arg Artificer card in it, the interaction between that card and piercing shot is not correct. Mo'arg doubles all spell damage. Answered: Hi guys does anyone know where i can get a daith piercing in and around Split. Also rough price. Many thanks

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im kinda dumb to ask this but, is piercing damage considered battle damage? or effect damage? thanks June23ly 09:42, December 27, 2009 (UTC) . Battle Damage. Falzar FZ 09:44, December 27, 2009 (UTC) . thanks alot June23ly 09:46, December 27, 2009 (UTC) . One thing to point out, most monsters say inflict the difference as battle damage, so they'll tell you right on the card most of the time Piercings. You can pierce your suit, weapon, and shield in FlyFF to gain addition stats and effects. All the piercing is done the same for all types of suits, weapons, and shields. Weapons and shields can be pierced 10 times, while suits can be pierced 4 times. (NOTE: Two-handed weapons can be pierced 20 times. This is a post from another part of the forum, but it kinda took the thread off topic, so I decided to put it here in case I don't get many answers over there. I'm seriously considering getting my nose done this weekend, thanks to discussing piercings on here. Always wanted it, but never got around to it before 0 likes. Last Post. by nimrod. 05-23-2012, 11:24 AM. Piercing and tattoos ok in naturist environments? by barebum. Started by barebum, 01-21-2007, 08:29 AM PIERCED FORUM - body piercings, tattoo, body modification Amateur body piercing, modification and tattoo forum. Post your pictures and experiences. Labia Piercing. 4 posts • Page 1 of 1. weekend Posts: 9 Joined: Wed Jul 28, 2010 3:40 pm. Labia Piercing. Unread post by weekend » Sun Jul 31, 2016 6:02 am

A lad I knew at school went through a piercing stage, he pierced his own nipple:eek: with a can of deodrant to freeze it, and a needle. maddo. That's how I had my ears pierced when I was 15 - well, someone did it for me with a nappy pin and the freezing was just him squeezing my lobes really hard beforehand The piercing bled a tiny bit the night that I got it, but after that it was smooth sailing. From what I understand risk of infection is pretty low with genital piercings as long as you care for them properly due to your genitals normally being relatively clean as well Not sure if this is the right forum or not. But, I will give it a shot. I had my ears pierced many, many years ago when I was a teenager by my friend's mother. Problem is, she did the piercing a tad too low and earrings never look right on me. I now have 3 other piercings in each ear, all of.. The only difference between pierced people and non pierced people is that pierced people don't care if you are not pierced. Group Moderator Post

There is great treasure there behind our skull. This treasure has great powers and I would say some of us only have learnt a very, very small part of what it can do. @victor _chil. You should post the first one! Probably one of the top 10 Owls I have seen. very nice Federal vs. state; metal-piercing vs. armor-piercing Under Federal law, metal piercing bullets per se are not illegal; armor-piercing bullets are. I have some old Winchester .38 Specials that are marked metal piercing, but they certainly would not penetrate Kevlar, and they probably wouldn't penetrate metal much thicker than heavy duty tinfoil If you've ever read forums surrounding piercings, it should be clear that piercing pain is subjective. One piercing veteran might say that a certain piercing feels like nothing more than a tickle, and another might delve into a dramatic retelling of their piercing experience, including passing out, throwing up, and calling out to their mommies The piercing itself will not leak when the wearer urinates unless the piercing has been stretched beyond the thickness of the ring. The urine drip that is associated with the PA is a result of the urine dripping from the jewelry. Turning the penis 90 to 180 degrees while holding the ring to the side often prevents dripping

Tattoo and Piercing Job Forum has 14,710 members. Find work - Find workers! This is an open forum for you to post if you are looking for work/guest spots and also for owners and managers to post for job openings. Please be specific and list where your work can be viewed and how you would like to be contacted Don't remove the bar/ring if you want to keep the piercing open. Flush with saline twice a day and get some Fucibet antibiotic cream from the doc to clear any infection. This healed my daughter's ear in jig time. I had my nipple pierced about 5 or so years ago however I don't think its healed A piercing punctures your skin, poking a hole in your immune system's first line of defense. Wherever you get one, there will be risks. If you plan to get a nipple piercing, Jaliman says. Double ear piercing. Gigi. Veteran. I have been thinking about getting my ears pierced a second time (I already have one piercing). I am wondering about getting one ear pierced as opposed to both but may go with both simply because (1) my face and body are pretty symmetrical, so the balanced piercings will mimic already-existing symmetry; and. Piercing is often seen as an expression of sexual freedom. The piercing of a man's genitals may express sexual identity, serve as proof of adulthood, particularly in certain cultures, and attempt to enhance sexual experiences. Genital piercings may also represent efforts to claim one's body, increase sexual feeling, and/or push some limits

The tattoo and body piercing consent form allows an artist or piercer the freedom of legal and financial liability if an unforeseen accident should take place during the procedure. In addition, this form is also widely used for minors seeking tattoos and piercings in accordance with the respective State laws. If allowed, the consent form is required to be completed and signed by the parent or. Body Piercing websites Best List. Keep up with body piercing inspirations, aftercare, ideas, ear piercing, nose piercing, tongue piercing, lip piercing, daith piercing, navel piercing, body jewellery, body piercing tips, advise, body piercing video,guide, examples, body piercing studio, body piercing news and more by following top body piercing sites Nipple piercing after breast augmentation isn't often an issue, as long as healing is complete. (This can mean waiting six months to a year after surgery.) Nipple piercing is not recommended after breast reduction surgery, as the vascularity of the tissue can be compromised, leading to complications with healing

00:00. 00:00. 01:05. Sarah B (5884) 06/05/2019 at 1:59 pm. I had mine done at 17 wasnt sore at all, had no problems with healing! Took it out 10 years later while pregnant as advised but havent replaced it yet only had my girl 8 weeks ago! Honestly it's been the easiest piercing for me both getting done and healing xx Please register to post and access all features of our very popular forum. It is free and quick. Over $68,000 in prizes has already been given out to active posters on our forum. Additional giveaways are planned. Detailed information about all U.S. cities, counties, and zip codes on our site: City-data.com

Celebrity Skin - Josh Todd of Buckcherry - Colour TattooSchlafparalyse (Schlaflähmung) • Ursachen & BehandlungWie gut kennt ihr Tom Kaulitz?Rock n Roll Tattoo - Glasgow - Colour Tattoo | Big Tattoo

1 / 2. Dr. Steve Smedshammer describes his wife Christine as amazing and supportive as he navigated a career journey that took him from doing piercings at a tattoo parlor in Fargo to working as. Belly button piercing is a very popular practice amongst many. When you receive abelly piercing, it is important to remember that there will be a healing process before it looks normal. Although, infected belly button piercing is common, some may not sure how to identify whether the piercing is infected or not Istanbul, Turkey. Level Contributor. 4,017 posts. 2. Re: Body Piercing. 8 years ago. Save. Lale, You can find lots of tattoo and piercing places on Istiklal street. However, I must agree with GTTD that you can't be sure if they are licensed and safe Joined Jul 18, 2010. ·. 46 Posts. #3 · Aug 30, 2010. ICAS - buy that ammo!!! Just to make you feel better: in Australia, .338LM ammo varies from $800 - $900 for 100rnds. That is US dollars by the way. The armour piercing is about $1400 per 100

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