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Best quality Deltamethrin 1.25%, 2.5 %, 2.8 % & 5 % Suspension Concentrate (SC) and Emulsifiable Concentrate (EC) crop protection insecticide pesticide product manufacturing, formulation, supply and contract packaging services in India.; We supply Deltamethrin Technical 98% min. in India as well for Export. We also provide formulation and packaging of Deltamethrin 25 g/l and 50 g/L EC SC WP. 25 g/L Deltamethrin. KULLANILDIĞI BİTKİ VE ZARARLILAR. 25 ml/100 L su. 3 gün. Ayçiçeği. Çayır Tırtılı (Loxostega sticticalis) 25 ml/100 L su. 3 gün. Yeşil Kurt (Heliothis armigera) 75 ml/100 L su. 3 gün. Fındık. Kır Tırtılı (Lymantria dispar) 30 ml/100 L su

Deltamethrin did not increase tumor incidence in mice fed technical grade deltamethrin at daily doses of 0, 1, 5, 25, or 100 ppm for two years. 18; No carcinogenic effects were found in rats fed technical grade deltamethrin at daily doses of 0, 2, 20, or 50 mg/kg for two years. 1 Deltamethrin(CAS No.52918-63-5, 52820-00-5) is a non-systemic insecticide with contact and stomach action.Fast-acting. Deltamethrin Useage Deltamethrin is a potent insecticide, effective by contact and ingestion against a wide range of pests. Crop protection uses include: Coleoptera (2.5-7.5 g/ha), Heteroptera (5.0-7.5 g/ha), Homoptera (6.2-12.5 g/ha), Lepidoptera (5.0-21 g/ha) and. Deltametrin 25 g/l. Formulacija. koncentrat za emulziju-EC. Utrošak vode. 200 - 400 l/ha ratarski i povrtarski usevi; 600 - 1000 l/ha zasadi voća. Karenca. - 7 dana za krompir, jabuku, krušku, paradajz i krastavac; - 14 dana za ostalo voće, povrće i hmelj

deltametrin 25 g/l. Sharda Romania. Insecticide. Poleci. Insecticid de soc pe baza de deltametrin pentru tratamente foliare. Omologat in Romania cu certificat de omologare nr: 094PC / 21.01.2015. Ce este POLECI si pentru ce se foloseste? POLECI este un insecticid piretroid cu efect de soc asupra insectelor daunatoare. Actioneaza prin contact si. Deltametrin 25.00 g/l, Tiametoksam 200.00 g/l. Formulacija Koncentrovana suspenzija - SC. Proteus 110 OD. Klasa Insekticidi. Proizvođač. Deltamethrin is a pyrethroid ester insecticide.Deltamethrin plays a key role in controlling malaria vectors, and is used in the manufacture of long-lasting insecticidal mosquito nets; however, resistance of mosquitos and bed bugs to deltamethrin is becoming widespread.. Deltamethrin is toxic to aquatic life, particularly fish. Although generally considered safe to use around humans, it is. Aktivna materija: Deltametrin 25 g/l Primena: vinova loza, zasadi voća, ratarski i povrtarski usev

MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET OF DELTAMETHRIN 2.5% EC 1. IDENTIFICATION OF THE CHEMICAL PRODUCT AND COMPANY Supplier: SHANGHAI MINGDOU AGROCHEMICAL CO., LTD Address: Rm. 1210, Zhenyuan Building, No. 2052 North Zhongshan Rd, Shanghai, China FAX: +86 21 52912097, 61638378 TEL: +86 21 52912919, 52045380, 52045370 Product name: Deltamethrin 2.5% EC Product use: Insecticid A.m.: deltametrin (25 g/l ) Prikaži. Formulacija: Koncentrat za emulziju (EC) Primena: Scatto je nesistemični insekticid sa digestivnim i kontaktnim delovanjem na sve pokretne stadijume insekta. Aktivna materija deltametrin pripada grupi piretroida koga odlikuje veoma brzo delovanje. Utiče na protok nervnih impulsa usled čega nastaje.

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  1. Deltametrin 25.00 g/l Formulacija Koncentrat za emulziju - EC Opis. Decis 2,5 EC je insekticid sa brzim kontaktnim i digestivnim delovanjem širokog spektra, namenjen za suzbijanje štetnih insekata. Delovanje. Aktivnu materiju preparata Decis 2,5 EC deltametrin odlikuje veoma brz tzv. knock down efekat, tj. trenutno delovanje na ciljane.
  2. China. HS Code. 2926909035. Product Description. Deltamethrin is the most toxic of pyrethroid insecticides. Its toxic effect on insect pests is 100 times that of DDT, 80 times that of civetin, 550 times that of malathion and 40 times that of parathion.It has the function of contacting and stomach toxicity, which is quick and strong to knock down
  3. Deltamethrin - CAS 52918-63-5 - Calbiochem. CAS Number: 52918-63-5. Molecular Weight: 505.20. Empirical Formula (Hill Notation): C22H19Br2NO3. Product Number
  4. * deltametrin 2,50 % (25 g/l); * piperonil butoksid 25,00 % (250 g/l) Primena: Razređen sa vodom primenjuje se direktno na žito prskalicama niskog pritiska sa raspršivačima smeštenim iznad trake transportera. Primenjuje se i za prskanje površina skladišta pre unošenja žita ili za tretiranje prostora i naslaganih vreća
  5. AKTIVNA MATERIJA: Deltametrin (25 g/l preparata) Polux је несистемични инсектицид са контактним и дигестивним деловањем намењен за сузбијање житних пијавица у усеву стрних жита. ПРИМЕНА: Polux је несистемични инсектицид са контактним и.

UKnowledge BIOLOGY AND MANAGEMENT OF THE BED BUG, Cimex lectularius L. (HETEROPTERA: CIMICIDA DeltaPro 25, 5 litres is a professional grade insecticide with a powerful residual effect that is safe for homeowners and their families.The insecticide contains the active ingredient Deltamethrin, a general-purpose chemical used against crawling and flying insects. The chemical targets the insect nervous system, incapacitating them and ultimately finishing them off BELAIR 2,5 EC (Deltamethrin 25 g/l) ERTAR KİMYA TARIM ÜRÜNLERİ LTD. MASSMECTIN (Abamectin 18 g/l) ERTAR KİMYA TARIM ÜRÜNLERİ LTD. ORIGAM FS (Azoxystrobin 75 g/l + Metalaxyl-M 37,5 g/l + Fludioxonil 12,5 g/l) ERTAR KİMYA TARIM ÜRÜNLERİ LTD. EFDAL PROCAR 722 SL Deltamethrin 25 g/L EC. CAS No. 52820-00-5 : Application. There are many uses for deltamethrin, ranging from agricultural uses to home pest control. Deltamethrin has been instrumental in preventing the spread of diseases carried by tick-infested prairie dogs, rodents and other burrowing animals.It is helpful in eliminating and preventing a wide. K-Othrine SC 25 is a suspension concentrate containing 25 g / l deltamethrin. Dosage. Against flying insects (flies, mosquitoes, wasps, hornets, butterflies, moths, etc.) - 6-8 ml of the preparation are dissolved in 1 liter of water. 1 liter of working solution is sufficient for the treatment of 20 square meters

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Bellerin 25 EC (Deltamethrin 25g/L) Deltamethrin is a pyrethroid insecticide that kills insects on contact and through digestion which rapidly paralyze/ interferes with the insects nerve cell's ability to send a normal signal by jamming open tiny gates on the cell (sodium channels) that need to open and close rapidly to carry the message. Deltamethrin Insecticide, Deltamethrin 98% Tc, Deltamethrin 25 G/L Ec manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Agrochemical Product Deltamethrin 98% Tc Deltamethrin 25 G/L Ec Pesticide, King Quenson Weedicide Crop Protection Linuron 97% Tc Linuron 50% Wp, King Quenson China Manufacturer Imidacloprid 200 SL for Pest Control and so on

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Cislin 25 Professional Insecticide is a premium quality deltamethrin suspension concentrate containing 25 g/L deltamethrin. Product Description This broad spectrum treatment helps in the control of a wide range of pests. Suitable for use indoors and outside, it can be applied with confidence on a range of surface types deltamethrin (pyrethroid) 25 g/l deltametrien (piretroïed) Willow Set & Print 011 394-4486 Registration holder / Registrasiehouer: Villa Crop Protection (Pty) Ltd. Co. Reg. No. / Mpy. Reg. Nr. 1992/002474/07 PO Box / Posbus 10413, Aston Manor, 1630 Lotnommer: Tel: 011 396 2233 Website / Webblad: www.villacrop.co.z

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  1. Vectex 2.5 EC Deltamethrin (General Pest Control) Sale. Regular price. ₱2,500.00. ACTIVE INGREDIENT: Deltamethrin 25 g/L. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: A broad spectrum insecticide for the control of mosquitoes
  2. A.m.: Tiametoksam + Deltametrin (Tiametoksam 200 g/l + Deltametrin 25 g/l) Prikaži. Primena: Insekticid sa kontaktnim i digestivnim delovanjem. BRESKVA: za suzbijanje zelene breskvine vaši (Myzus persicae) u količini 300-400 ml/ha uz utrošak vode 600-1.000 l/ha. Vreme primene: tretiranjem na početku formiranja kolonija
  3. Contains 25 g/l Deltamethrin, 225 g/l Piperonyl butoxide and solvent naphtha. INSECTICIDE L i q u i d t g r a i n prot e c a n t An emulsion concentrate (EC) formulation containing 25 g/litre Deltamethrin, 225 g/litre Piperonyl butoxide and solvent naphtha. Liquid Grain Protectant for the control of stored product pests Fabric of the building.
  4. Deltamethrin (Decis®; 25 g L 1; Bayer Vapi Private Limited-Plot, São Paulo, Brazil) was diluted in 50 mL of distilled water for six concentrations (0.39, 0.78, 1.56, 3.12, 6.25, and 12.5 mg mL 1), where the maximum dilution was equivalent to 125 g a.i./L, corresponding with the field dose recommended for S. frugiperda

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K-Othrine® SC 25 is a broad spectrum insecticide, containing 25 g/L deltamethrin, designed for the control of a wide range of domestic and industrial insect pests. Insects that can be controlled include Dictyoptera ( Cockroaches ), Hymenoptera ( Wasps and Ants), Diptera ( Flies ), Siphonaptera ( Fleas ), Hemiptera (Bed Bugs), Lepidoptera. 25 g/L deltamethrin: Footnote 1. As of 16 July 2018, excluding discontinued products or products with a submission for discontinuation. Return to footnote 1 referrer. Appendix II Comments and Responses. In response to the consultation for the deltamethrin proposed re-evaluation decision, the following comments were received 25 g/L deltamethrin 5 times more concentrated than other commonly available deltamethrin formulations (reduces weight in vehicles and improves fuel efficiency) Available in 200 mL (measuring beaker included), 1 L chamber pack, 5 L jerry can, and made-to-order 10 L cub 124. 50 g/L Cypermethrin + 500 g/L Chlorpyrifos. EC. 125. 210 g/l Imidacloprid + 90 g/l beta-cyfluthrin. OD. 126. % 5 Emamectin benzoate. SG AKTIVNA MATERIJA : Deltametrin (25 g/l preparata) + sinergist piperonil butoksid (225 g/l preparata) Nesistemicni insekticid, sa kontaktnim i digestivnim delovanjem, namenjen za suzbijanje... 1.950,00 RS

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Plot #1 was used as the control. Plots #2-#5 were sprayed with commercial pesticides chlorpyrifos 45% EC, omethoate 40% EC, deltamethrin 25 g/L EC, and cypermethrin 45% EC at the recommended dosage (450 ml/hectare for chlorpyrifos, 400 ml/hectare for omethoate, 675 ml/hectare for cypermethrin, and 600 ml/hectare for deltamethrin) 25 ml/100 L water Commence application at 75 % petal drop as a full cover spray at 2500-3500 L spray mixture/ha. Repeat 3 to 4 weeks later. If necessary a spray can be done in mid January. Ensure that the trunk and scaffolding branches are thoroughly wetted. Antestia bug (Antestiopsis orbitalis) High volume: 12 ml/100 L wate Deltamethrin (pyrethroid) 25 g/l Piperonyl butoxide 225 g/l HARMFUL RESIDUAL ACTION: Up to 3 months on surfaces and 5 months on grains. PACKAGING: 5 l bottle. Downloads K-Obiol EC 25 Brochure (2,44 MB) K-Obiol EC 25 MSDS (0,09 MB) K-Obiol EC 25 Label (0,81 MB) Use & Safety Where to use.

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Poleci (deltametrin 25 g/l). Se recomanda folosirea alternativa a insecticidelor din toate clasele (insecticide biologice, sistemice, regulatori de crestere, etc.) - pentru a evita aparitia formelor rezistente de musculita alba la un anumit produs inseticid Deltamethrin 25 g/l Chemical nature Suspension concentrate (=flowable concentrate)(SC) Chemical Name CAS-No. Concentration [%] Deltamethrin 52918-63-5 2.45 Mixture of: 5-chloro-2-methyl-4-isothiazolin-3-one and 2-methyl-4-isothiazolin-3-one 55965-84-9 > 0.0015 - < 1.00 Other ingredients (non-hazardous) to 100%. Deltamethrin, insecticide, agricultural chemicals manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Good price pesticide deltamethrin 25g/L EC, Pesticide Inseticide Niclosamide 98% TC 70% WP 25% SC, Yellow Board Sticky Trap For Insects Agricultural Plastic Card and so on Deltamethrin 25 g/L Decis Blue 25 EC 1 NI 7 3 II 3(A) 0,5 L Decis Fluxx 2 20 7 3 III 3(A) 0,5 L Imidacloprid 700 g/kg Confidor Maxi 70 WG 3 20 2 7 III 4A 0,04-0,05 kg Pirimiphos methyl 500 g/L Actellic EC 2 25 7 3 III 1B + 3(A) 1,5 L Spiromesifen 240 g/L Oberon 240 SC 4 3 7 3 U 23 0,6 L. Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters & Importers from the.

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(Lambda-cyhalothrin, 50 g/l- EC) and Decis (Deltamethrin, 25 g/l-EC) and Imidaclopride (Confidor, 200 g/l-SL) Leaf-dip bioassay Discs (35 mm diameter each) were cut from cotton leaves and dipped in insecticide solution for 20 s, placed abaxial surface uppermost on an agar bed (25 mm in depth) in disposable plastic containers (30mm high), an The following Table includes the major formulations developed for deltamethrin crop and animal health uses around the world. Table 2. Deltamethrin formulations and codes. Type Code number Concentration Agriculture Emulsifiable concentrate (EC) AE F032640 00 EC03 BO 25 g/l Emulsifiable concentrate (EC) AE F032640 00 EC11 A3 100 g/l Testreszabott, nagy mennyiségű 98% tc, 2,5% ek, 25 g / l sc, 2,5% tömegű deltametrint keres magas minőségű? A BOSMAN az egyik vezető ilyen gyártó és beszállító, amely arra vár, hogy 98% tc, 2,5% ec, 25 g / l sc, 2,5% wp deltametrint vásároljon tőlem Iščete prilagojen raztopinski deltametrin 98% tc, 2,5% ec, 25 g / l sc, 2,5% wp visoke kakovosti? BOSMAN je eden vodilnih tovrstnih proizvajalcev in dobaviteljev, ki čaka, da pri nas kupite deltametrin 98% tc, 2,5% ec, 25g / l sc, 2,5% wp Deltamethrin was sprayed on the walls and ceilings of residences as a wettable powder (2.5%) at a dose of 25 mg/[m.sup.2]. Urine samples were collected in sealable plastic bottles and stored in the deep freezer until analysis

Insektisida » Decis 25 EC Faedah Jaya menyediakan Insektisida Decis 25 EC untuk mengendalikan hama perusak daun, ulat grayak, wereng, walang, gasir, orong-orong dan hama jenis lainnya yang menggagu tanaman Kubis, Cabai, Anggur, Tomat, Kacang Panjang, Kubis, Wortel, Brokoli, Sawi dan Tembakau. Bahan Aktif: Deltametrin 25 g/l Spuitadvieskaart Chrysant (onder glas, grondgebonden) (1) (3) (4) dosering ziekte / plaag chem. groep middel (2) werkzame stof werkingswij ze hoeveelheid spuitvloeisto f spuiten per 100 liter foggen per 1000 m² LVM per 1000 m² Bladluis pirimicarb 10 % c/d/m n.v.t. 2 / jr Aphididae spp. Pediment pirimicarb 50 % c/d/m ** 50 g 50 g 50 g 2 /jr Decis vlb. deltamethrin 25 g/l c/m ** 50 ml 50 ml 50.

Jual Deltametrin Murah - Harga Terbaru 2021. Tambah ke Wishlist. DIMETHRIN 25 EC Dgn Bahan Aktif Deltametrin Ampuh Basmi Berbagai Hama. Rp185.000. Bekasi rindu berkat chemical. ( 2) Tambah ke Wishlist. obat fogging pembasmi nyamuk lalat kecoa k-othrine 25 EC Deltametrin. Rp275.000 Organic management of fruit orchards may increase biodiversity and therefore contributes to achieving an ecologically balanced and productive agroecosystem. In 2013-2015, using a standard methodology for field monitoring, our study investigated and described dynamics of selected insect indicator taxa in the soil, on orchard surface and apple trees in an organic apple orchard and a reference. Product Name Deltamethrin 25 g/l SC : CAS No. 52918-63-5: Specification (COA) Content: ≥ 2.5 % Pourability:Maximum residue: 5%: Description: The material shall consist of a suspension of fine particles of technical Deltamethrin, in an aqueous phase together with suitable formulants Cislin 25 Professional Insecticide is a premium quality deltamethrin suspension concentrate containing 25 g/L deltamethrin. This broad spectrum treatment helps in the control of a wide range of pests. Suitable for use indoors and outside, it can be applied with confidence on a range of surface types. It offers excellent knockdown and residual activity, while providing a greater flexibility in.

  1. Spuitadvieskaart boomkwekerij (1) (3) (4) ziekte / plaag chem. groep middel (2) werkzame stof hyperlink via productnaam Bladluis Pediment X pirimicarb 50 % c/m/d ** 50 g 2 / jr Aphididae spp. Pediment rookontwikkelaar X pirimicarb 10 % c/m/d n.v.t. 2 / j
  2. Pesticide use is a common practice to control pests and diseases in vegetable cultivation, but often at the expense of the environment and human health. This article studies pesticide-buying and use practices among smallholder vegetable farmers in the Central Rift Valley of Ethiopia, using a practice perspective. Through in-depth interviews and observations, data were collected from a sample.
  3. Description. Active substance: deltametrin 100 g / l CHEMICAL GROUP OF THE ACTIVE SUBSTANCE: pyrethroid Formulation: emulsion concentrate (EC) Manufacturer: Bayer Mode of action: DECIS 100 EC is a pyrethroid insecticide with contact and gastric action.It has a very fast initial (knockdown) effect against a large number of sucking and gnawing enemies in greenhouses, cereals (cereals, legumes.
  4. SCATTO. Insekticid namijenjen suzbijanju štetnika u voćarstvu, vinogradarstvu, ratarstvu, povrćarstvu, na maslini, duhanu i ukrasnom bilju. Djelatna tvar: deltametrin 25 g/l Formulacija sredstva: koncentrat za emulziju (EC) Registracijski broj: UP/I-320-20/14-01/792 Vlasnik registracije: Isagro S.p.A. Pakiranje: 1 L, 50 ml SCATTO je ekonomski vrlo povoljan insekticid na osnovi poznate.
  5. K-Othrine® SC25 is a broad spectrum insecticide, containing 25 g/L deltamethrin, designed for the control of a wide a range of domestic and industrial insect pests. K-Othrine® SC 25 is a suspension concentrate that is, a particulate supension of solid deltamethrin particles in water

Polux (deltametrin 25g/l) Porez uključen. Deltametrin odlikuje veoma brz efekat, tj. Trenutno delovanje na ciljane štetočine. Modulirajući natrijumove kanale nervnih vlakana, prouzrokuje poremećaj u protoku nervnih impulsa, usled čega nastaje uginuće tretiranih jedinki. Ovaj insketicid deluje kontaktnim putem na pokretne stadijume insekata Deltamethrin supplier, Insecticides Deltamethrin supplier, Deltamethrin 98% Tech manufacturer manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Deltamethrin(98% Tech, 25g/L SC, 25g/L, 2.5%WP) supplier, Weedicide Herbicide Simazine 98% TC, 50% WP, 90% WDG, Pesticide Inseticide Niclosamide 98% TC 70% WP 25% SC and so on The material shall consist of technical Deltamethrin, complying with the requirements of WHO specification 333/TC (April 2005), dissolved in suitable solvents, together with any other necessary formulants. It shall be in the form of a stable homogeneous liquid, free from visible suspended matter and sediment Cislin 25 Professional Insecticide is a premium quality deltamethrin suspension concentrate containing 25 g/L deltamethrin. Cislin is an insecticide for insects such as flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches, bedbugs, fishmoths, tobacco beetles and ants DELFOX 25 EC adalah insektisida pengendalian vektor penyakit pada manusia, berbahan aktif deltametrin 25 g/l. Bersifat racun kontak dan lambung, dengan formulasi Emulsion Concentrate (EC) PETUNJUK PENGGUNAAN: 1. Penyemprotan residual. Dosis 1 ml/m 2 efektif terhadap lalat Musca domestica sampai sekurang-kurangnya 4 minggu pasca semprot

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containing 7.5 g/l and 26.25 g/l deltamethrin respectively). K-Othrine WG 250 (a water dispersible granule formulation containing 250 g/kg deltamethrin). Deltamethrin Product-type 18 May 2011 8 Physico-Chemical Properties Purified deltamethrin is an off-white powder that has none to slight musty odour. Technica Deltamethrin 25 28 g/l 42 g/l up to 1 liter Phenmedipham Desmedipham Ethofumesate 91 71 112 55 g/l 35 g/l up to 1 liter Oxyflouren 240 100 g/l up to 1 liter 350 g/l Propiconazole 250 80 g/l up to 1 liter 50 g/l Prochloraz 450 100 g/l up to 1 liter 250 g/l Triclopyr Clopyralid 240 6

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  1. Deltamethrin (pyrethroid) 25 g/l CAUTION RESIDUAL ACTION: 12 weeks. PACKAGING: 200 ml & 1 l bottle. Downloads Super Suspend Brochure (0,35 MB) Super Suspend MSDS (0,26 MB) Super Suspend Label (0,25 MB) Use & Safety Where to use Food handling Food.
  2. PEST CONTROL FORMULATIONS. Active material. Alpha cypermethrin 10% SC 100 g/L w/w. Deltamethrin 2.5% EC 25 g/L w/w. Piperonyl Butoxide 1% 10 g/L w/w. Permethrin 50% 500 g/L w/w. Permethrin 10% 100 g/L w/w. Cypermethrin 10% 100g/l. Tetramethrin 2% g 20g/l
  3. Deltamethrin, find complete details about Deltamethrin - Herbicide_Insecticide_Fungicide-Nanjing Biocrop Chemical Co., Lt
  4. deltamethrin 25 g L-1(Decis® 25 EC) (T5), Agrosilicon® + Bacillus thuringiensis, 33.60 g L-1 (Dipel® SC) (T6), Sifol® + deltamethrin 25 g L-1 (Decis® 25 EC) (T7), Sifol® + Bacillus thuringiensis, 33.60 g L-1 (Dipel® SC) (T8) and control (T9). Agrosilicon® and Sifol® were applied weekly and the products deltamethrin and Bacillu

25 g/l deltametrin. Felhasználható: Napraforgóban a poloskák ellen 0,2 liter/ha, körtelevélbolha ellen 0,7-1,5 liter/ha mennyiségben, kalászosokban vetésfehérítő bogarak ellen 0,4, levéltetvek ellen 0,3 liter/ha, egyéb kultúrákban 0,3 liter/ha dózisban kijuttatva, 600-800 liter/ha vízmennyiség felhasználásával ACTIVE INGREDIENT: Deltamethrin 25 g/L NET CONTENTS: 1-1050 Litres and Bulk Sharda Cropchem Limited 2nd Floor, Prime Business Park Dashrathlal Joshi Road Vile Parle (West) Mumbai, 400056, India Sharda Cropchem Limited 601 - st402 - 21 Street East Saskatoon SK S7K 0C3 1-888-931-2530 3 INSECTICID

its bioconcentration as well. Deltamethrin hydrolyzes under alkaline conditions. Leaching studies indicate that Deltamethrin is immobile. Water Solubility: <0.20 mg/l @ 25°C Hydrolytic Half-Life: 2.28-2.70 days @ pH 9.0 Photolytic Half-Life: 64-86 days (water); 9 days (soil 1B. Product Category: Nematicides. Active Ingredient: Fenamiphos 400 g/L EC. Disease/Pest: Citrus nematode (Helicotylenchus semipenetrans) Root-knot nematodes (Meloidogyne spp.) Spiral nematodes (Helicotylenchus multicinctus Cislin 25 is the new premium quality deltamethrin suspension concentrate that can be used with complete confidence inside and out. Cislin has been a proven performer in Australia's Professional Pest Management industry for over 20 years; now it is available in a more concentrated form, which allows more compact packaging and easier measuring.

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Active Ingredient: Deltamethrin AI Concentration: 6.25% (62.5 g/L) Formulation Type: SC-PE Statement of Conversion pdf, 99kb; WHO Decision Document: To be provided upon finalization of Conversion Process for the specific product WHO Public Inspection Report: To be provided upon finalization of Conversion Process for the specific produc Deltamethrin 25 g/L, 4 X 4.8 L: POUNCE (more information) Systemic Pyrethroid insecticide. Use when cool for best results to control insects in a large number of crop and non-crop situations. Permethrin 384 g/L. 12 X 1 L : PYRATE 480 EC (more information). Pengujian Efikasi Insektisida K-OTHRINE 25 EC Deltamethrin 25 g/l terhadap Anoplolepis gracilipes, Kecoa Blatella germanica dan Periplaneta americana di dalam ruangan dengan metoda penyemprotan residual terhadap Musca domestica dengan metoda pengapasan (2017) Pengujian Pestisida Pengendalian Vektor Penyakit Pada Manusia (2017 Poleci (deltametrin 25 g/l); etc. Atentie !!! ♦ Tratamentele foliare se vor face inca de la aparitia primilor adulti (depistati cu ajutorul capcanelor) si se continua pe toata durata sezonului

DAFTAR PRODUK INSEKTISIDA ( Bahan Aktif ) | Sari Kresna KimiaFluturele alb al verzei (Pieris brassicae): combatereViespile prunelor (viespea neagra si viespea samburilorInsecticide / Acaricide - AgroSemFert

ROTOR® SUPER (deltametrin 25 g/l) ROTOR® SUPER namijenjen je za suzbijanje štetnih kukaca u: jabuci - jabučnog savijača, jabučne buhe, jabučne zelene uši i jabučne pepeljaste uši u količini 300 - 500 ml/ha uz utrošak vode 1000 - 1400 l/ha kod pojave štetnika Deltamethrin 25 g/l Eminentos 10 CS 04933 FMC Agro Ltd Insecticide 75 ml/ha 225 ml/ha 4 6 weeks before harvest 6 weeks lambda-Cyhalothrin 100 g/l Warning EAMU approvals: The use of any product in accordance with an EAMU approval is entirely at the risk of the user. The directions for use on the instruction sheet must b K-Othrine Partix este un insecticid formulat ca o suspensie concentrata polimerizata (Partix) cu actiune de contact, pentru combaterea insectelor zburatoare si taratoare in sectorul de igiena publica.. Substanta activa: Deltametrin 25 g/L (2.45 %) Aria de aplicare: K-Othrine Partix poate fi aplicat in interiorul spatiilor locuite: cladiri, case, blocuri, depozite, hoteluri, scoli, gradinite. Deltamethrin ((DLM), the insecticide containing 25 g/L deltamethrin) was obtained from a private company (in Turkey, Erzurum, Aydeniz Kimya Sanayi) and azadirachtin was obtained from Sigma. The LC 50 for deltamethrin in fish is 0.001 ppm ( Aksakal et al., 2010 , WHO, 2010 , Erdoğan et al., 2011 , NPIC, 2011 , Velisek et al., 2007 ), and 0.48. Dalzon. SOFISTO Electric Sprayer Alat Semprot Pertanian Berkualitas 30 Juni 2020. IGUANA 50 EC Insektisida terbaru dari dalzon 15 Oktober 2014. DAFAT 250 EC Satu senjata untuk semua hama 20 Agustus 2014. RONDOLON 320/32 SL Herbisida 4 Agustus 2014. VALATRA 320/32 SL Herbisida 2 Juli 2014 ACTIVE CONSTITUENT: 25 g/L DELTAMETHRIN For control of a range of insect pests in various situations as specified in the directions for use. IMPORTANT: FULL DIRECTIONS ARE CONTAINED IN THIS BOOKLET. THIS MUST BE READ BEFORE USE. STORAGE AND DISPOSAL Store in the closed, original container in a cool, well-ventilated area. Do not store fo

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